About Salty x Bumbachode

We have began to livestream and create content on a regular basis here is how you can see it

About the League

There will be 5 teams in a normal game the game will be streamed every week on sataday and will be streamed like world cup

Game Modes

Differend style of leauge 

//Coming soon//

Second leauge 

//Coming soon//

Once we get our creator code here will be the leauge 

//coming soon//

Hall of Fame

Deadly Corpse

2019 Salty Pro/leader

Salty tipp/L3wt tv

The founder of our website and owner of l3wt and salty tipp youtube channels

Mafia Squad

2018 League Champions

Alfies edits and Yt salty crispy

Power Devils

2019 Regional Champions


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Open Registration: Mar 14 – Apr 30

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